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Attorney Altman is a GREAT, GREAT ST GEORGE CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER!   Mr. Altman represented me this year in a serious criminal case.  I was even thinking about leaving the state.  I WAS CHARGED WITH MULTIPLE FELONIES and LOOKING AT JAIL TIME.  MR. ALTMAN WAS ABLE TO GET ALL OF THE FELONY CHARGES DISMISSED.  I could not believe it!

I didn’t even have to enter a plea in abeyance or be on probation. I now have NO criminal convictions on my record.  Indeed, attorney Altman is very good for what he does.

Mr. Altman was also very good in taking and returning my calls, quickly responds to all my emails and phone calls even on weekends.  He is easy to talk to and can discuss matters openly and best of all, he always treated me with respect.

For the number of court appearances and work that he did, his fees were a bargain and, I will use him again for any legal matters that I might have in the future.  I have recommended his services to my friends and family.

Thank you VERY MUCH! Mr. Altman.



How to Stay Out of Jail or Get Out of Jail?

Once you’ve been cited or arrested for DUI in St. George Utah, your first order of business is to stay out of jail or get out of jail.

Most individuals arrested for DUI have little or no criminal history.  Typically these individuals are required only to sign a promise to appear in court.  This procedure is known as being released on your own recognizance because you are being released on a personal promise to appear in court and do not have to post bail.

In more serious criminal cases and for DUI arrestees with significant criminal histories, posting bail is the usual way to get out of jail before your court arraignment date.  Bail can be posted in cash or through a bail bondsman who will charge a 10% premium.  If  cannot afford to post bail and are in custody at your arraignment, you can still ask the judge for a release on your own recognizance or alternatively for a more affordable bail amount.